About the Owners

Tanglewood was purchased in August of 2017 by Drs. James and Christina Clark.

Christina graduated from Mercer, Southern School of Pharmacy, cum laude, with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.  She earned undergraduate hours at both the Georgia Institute of Technology and Eastern Washington University.  After graduating from Mercer, she was selected to complete a Community Pharmacy Residency where she continued her education in Drug Information and Medication Therapy Management while also serving as adjunct faculty at Mercer.  Following her residency, she spent several years in managed care and eventually returned to Eckerd Pharmacy where she had worked as an intern. Shortly after Rite Aid purchased Eckerd Pharmacy, she was promoted to Pharmacy Manager and worked in Cumming for many years until she decided to change her career path and began volunteering with a local hospice provider. 


James graduated from North Georgia College with a Criminal Justice degree after serving a five year enlistment in the United States Navy as a Spanish linguist. James then attended the Gwinnett County Police Department Academy where he received the High Academic Graduate award.  James worked for the Gwinnett County Police Department for six years as a patrolman and investigator. Following Christina’s graduation from pharmacy school, James attended the University of Georgia School of Law where he received an academic scholarship. After graduating with a Juris Doctor, he worked in Atlanta at the law firm King and Spalding and then for the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office as a Senior Assistant District Attorney. All the while, he continued his devotion to law enforcement as a volunteer sheriff’s deputy.  Although still a licensed attorney and member of the Georgia BAR, he now is happily employed by a local county as a Deputy Sheriff. He is a man of many talents and is frequently present at Tanglewood assisting with the myriad of duties required to keep Tanglewood running smoothly.


What Makes Tanglewood Special

The decision to purchase Tanglewood was the result of training James received as an Assistant District Attorney.  Following a class on Elder Abuse, James came home quite upset with stories about the conditions in some long-term care homes in Georgia.  After some discussion and gathering of additional information about the state of Assisted Living Facilities and Personal Care Homes available, James and Christina realized that caring for the elderly would be a natural progression of their previous education and workplace experiences.  James and Christina decided they would like to provide a home for those needing care that they would be happy to live in themselves. They also made reasonable pricing a priority.


Tanglewood is not owned by a faceless corporation. It is a rare day when Christina is not on site to oversee the daily operation of Tanglewood. James is there on the days he is not working for the Sheriff’s Office. James and Christina know every resident of Tanglewood and interact with them and their families on a regular basis.  Christina serves as the Administrator and takes an active part in directing the day to day care of each resident. She brings her years of experience in the medical field and as a pharmacist to caring for residents and constantly monitors the medications the residents receive while watching for adverse reactions, assuring appropriate dosing, and guarding against drug and food interactions. No one else with her expertise does this at any other Assisted Living or Personal Care Home in the region.  She frequently makes recommendations to nursing staff and the resident’s physician if a change is needed.  She personally trains and educates the staff about the different disease states and health needs of the residents to ensure they receive the highest quality care. But Tanglewood is about more than just monitoring health care, our staff members are also given time, with each resident individually or in small groups, to simply enjoy a snack together or discuss a topic of interest.  With a resident population of only 22, no one is forgotten or far from a caregiver if assistance or comfort is needed.