Agape Hospice Care is a nurse-owned and family-run hospice that believes in providing the best care possible to hospice patients in Atlanta and 26 surrounding counties. 


Residents here at Tanglewood are like family to us, and just like family, we want them to receive the best care possible at all stages of life. Hospice care is a valuable resource provided to those nearing the end of life. We rely on the nurses and their support staff at Agape hospice to help us deliver care to our residents and support to their families in the final months, weeks, days, down to the final moments. Their dedication to their profession, their medical knowledge, and most importantly, the genuine love and care they show to the residents they care for is second-to-none. 


Hospice care is optional, and the choice of hospice providers is ultimately up to the resident and their family, but we will always recommend Agape Hospice.


For more information about Agape Hospice:

Visit their Website or call 404-763-1456


For more generalized information about hospice care, click the link below:​

What is Hospice?